Summer Makes Jackson Jump for Joy!

Action Jackson took an entire winter off. He just wanted to chase a few rabbits once in a while, and then sleep by a nice warm fire or radiator at night. Still rambunctious as ever though, you should have known he couldn’t rest for long! And now that summer is here, Jackson is back in action, ready to tell you about Cove Country Store’s latest new features.

They’re getting Italian gelato in several flavours!! And, Jackson doesn’t want to hear Cheryl’s point that it isn’t really ideal for dogs. So, if you’re around Cove or Kilcreggan, it’s worth the drive for this divine “ice-cream like but way better” yumminess! Plus there’s the coffee bar where Davie or Gus, whatever you prefer to call him, serves up one mean delicious Mocha or Latte. And if you’re a vegan, don’t be shy about it because Cheryl’s got your number with Oatly and several other vegan-loved brands.

Cove Country Store also offers shortbread biscuits, fresh fruits and vegetables, many souvenirs, gifts and artists-created pieces that will make a perfect present for your perfect someone. So, jump for joy because summer is finally back and Jackson is too!

I want gelato Mommy!

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