No Bother – Gifts and Gourmet Foods Nearby

Hi, I’m Brenda, and I’m a guest blogger with Scotland’s Cove Country Store. Recently, I’ve been in America, because I have a house in Tampa, Florida and a son and disabled brother who lives there. I had lots of things to take care of, and one of those things was to begin shopping for the holidays! However, I found that a visit to the big mall was just too stressful to me due to all the other people around me. Normally, I love a crowd, but not this year. I left after a couple of hours and decided to reroute my shopping in a way that will support small businesses around me. So, when I’m back to Scotland, I’ll be nailing out my holiday shopping in Cove Country Store.

Handmade soaps!
Room fragrance sprays and diffusers!
Mini Christmas bags made from recycled Indian Saris!
Some of the best fish you’ll ever eat in your life!
Body and Hand Creams by Bettyhula!
Beautiful scented candles!

I’ll feel much better giving back to my local community and supporting a shop that stayed open for essentials throughout this pandemic, it’s important to support the ones who are suffering through this time the most, trying to keep their businesses open and their heads above water through the lockdowns, shortage of supplies, and uncertainty. Plus, I admit it, I really love their Spokesdog Action Jackson the Terrier-ist! Be sure to check out your local shops for holiday goodies, and visit Cove Country Store if you’re nearby. And Jackson says, “Rank ru!”

Jackson on Paul’s worksite. No one has the heart to tell him he’s NOT going to get to drive the tractor!

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