Adjusting to Change

A lot of people have a hard time with change, but change should be welcomed, even when it makes us uncomfortable. 2020 has been a true test of our ability to accept change, whether it’s been less time with family or more time; working from the office during a pandemic or working from home as a first; or, finding the change means our freedom of movement is now limited. Action Jackson, Scotland’s Cove Country Store Spokesdog would like to encourage us to keep an open mind and even welcome a different way of doing things for a while.

Jackson’s owners Cheryl and Paul recently recovered his favourite chair, and although the look was completely different, he took up right where he left off, sleeping on the dining room chairs. He’s not even supposed to be on the chairs, but no one can stop him……he’s determined in spite of Cheryl’s redecoration efforts.

Embrace change. Change is good and it keeps you on your toes, alert and ready for new adventures. It also reminds you that you can only control yourself and not other people, therefore, change is uncontrollable. So, Jackson says just go with the flow.

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