This year has no doubt created change for most of us in several unexpected ways. Seems if we weren’t much of a family person, now we were either locked down with them for months, or if they were a distance away, we didn’t get to see them at all this year. that’s a tough one for those who are really into “family time.”

Most of us also binge watched some serious Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you weren’t really into the boob tube, maybe you are now. Still, many of us who might have originally just sat down in front of the television, gave up and called it a year, we got out and started gardening, walking, walking the dog a lot more, and generally spending time in the natural world, away from the telly altogether.

How many of us learned to cook a new dish, do some creative art work, exercise better, or meditate? Beachcombers went crazy, dog walkers had more business than ever, online yoga and exercise classes had a huge boost, and Amazon and EBay, well, let’s just say they boomed! Since we couldn’t hit our local high street shop, we improvised, adapted and overcame, and learned new ways to buy.

With all of our shops open, but still in the wave of a pandemic, we’re wondering what the holiday time will be like. Scotland’s Cove Country Store continues to ask anyone entering to wear a mask and socially distance, but we’ve got a full range of gifts in now so you can begin your Christmas shopping. Now if we can just get Action Jackson off the bed….he’s become a binge-watcher we’re afraid to report, when he’s not running wild on the home build site. He really needs some balance..that little Terrier-ist!

Action Jackson…not so full of action.

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