Feeling Secure in Uncertain Times

Action Jackson has taught us much about unconditional love. He’s always there to jump up in your arms for a hug, to lick you, or to chew on your hand sheerly as a dog’s way of showing his affection. He’s a happy guy, even though he’s been in a bit of pain recently. All you get is love from Jackson.

In these uncertain times, people need the same…unconditional love. Even though family members sometimes disagree and argue, showing unconditional love to difficult siblings, parents and children should be natural…just like it is for Jackson to love us without any prejudice or judgement. Truly, us humans could learn a lot from a dog!

Cove Country Store staff wants you to know we love our customers, our friends, our visitors to the Loch, and most of all, our family members who help out without question. We’d jump into your arms like Jackson does to let you know just how much, but we figured it might be less painful just to blog it out to you!

Jackson and Cheryl’s Brother Colin…unconditional love!

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