Returning To Work?

COVID 19 has made 2020 an uncertain work year for many people. While some unfortunate men and women have lost their jobs, the lucky ones were furloughed with 80% of their pay. Now it seems many of us are having to get back to the routine of actually showing up to an office, a shop or a factory. Only a few seem to still be working from home in isolation. whatever your individual situation happens to be, Scotland’s Cove Country Store wants to wish you well for the future. We’re also hoping you’ll treat yourself to fresh foods to help maintain good health and reduce anxiety. We love our organic farmers and market sources that help feed our patrons, and we’re doing our best to support them.

Action Jackson even seems to be getting into the swing of work. The minute he hears the heavy equipment start up on Paul’s home sites, Jackson runs down hill to go be with the guys at work. We’re not really sure how productive he is but the pictures seem to suggest he’s the boss, watching over all. Hmm, that Terrierist sure knows how to schmoose!

Do you ever feel like your boss is looking over your shoulder?
Supervising all digging operations. No playtime for Action Jackson during working hours!

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