Jackson’s Advice – Live A Dog’s Life!

More than ever before, Scotland’s Cove Country Store Official Spokesdog Action Jackson feels he needs to share an important message with humankind. He sees the chaos globally, and he hears everyone talking about the virus, the protests, the inequalities, the poverty, the injustices, and the depression all these things cause in humans. It troubles him because he really loves humans, in fact, if sees one, he’ll run and jump into their arms and lick their face to show his real love! So, he feels it’s important to offer some suggestions for his human friends at this critical time. Jackson advises that everyone try and live a dog’s life for a while. He said, “Think about it, we live to run and play, to eat and sleep, we do our business and just carry on playing, and best of all, we unconditionally love our humankind.” Jackson wants you to know that loving those around you unconditionally solves a lot of problems. It doesn’t matter if they’re perfect, or if they’re messing up their lives, if only matters that you show them love. If they’ve done wrong, they’ll have to face consequences, and if they’ve done well, hopefully they’ll reap the rewards. If you just love ‘em, stick by ‘em, and give ‘em a hug even when they’ve messed up, they’ll remember that and one day they’ll thank you. “So, from Jackson, try living a dog’s life for a while, and play more, sleep more, and love more.”🐶

Just don’t play so hard that you run through a bramble patch chasing a rabbit! Jackson’s eyes are pretty scratched up, but even that doesn’t stop him from playing and “living a dog’s life!”

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