RIP Mikey

The day Cheryl picked up this lovely guy…..we were out to lunch at a local farm restaurant, and Cheryl wanted to see the goat that the farm didn’t want to keep. He wasn’t fitting in with the other goats, so he was in with some sheep. He didn’t look thrilled about that at all. Cheryl immediately feel in love with this little pigmy goat, and when she asked his name, she was simply told….Mike. Well, the two of us quickly changed that to Mikey, and I even called him Low Rider, since he was so low to the ground. He seemed as if he was ready to leave when we decided he just had to come home to Cheryl’s, where he’d have even more land to roam, and horse friends….who happen to be a bit more affectionate than sheep! We loaded him up in the Land Rover Discovery, and other than two tires off to the side, Mikey had plenty of room in the back, and room to move around. The road off the farm was particularly bumpy and one of the tires started to fall over from its upright position. Mikey gave it a little horn action, and kept it right in place. We decided then that he was quite thrifty and resourceful. When we got out to the corral, we fed Mikey, and then let him join the miniature horses Clover and Mallow. Wow, what a sight. They chased him around for a while, and we worried that the relationship didn’t get off to the best start. However, upon checking up on Mikey later, he and Clover had formed some sort of a bond. From that point forward, the two of them did just about everything together. They really liked each other to the point that we’d say they were girlfriend and boyfriend! Mikey had found his world. He’d found his tribe. He’d found happiness. And even when Jet and Blossom, the two larger horses, came back to the field, Mikey fit right in and all the horses seemed to just look at him like he was one of them. One morning, when he felt he’d waited too long for Cheryl to dish his food out, he even showed her his back foot raised like one of the horses. She couldn’t believe that a goat would even care to kick up a back foot when he clearly had huge horns to use. She just laughed when he did it, and he quickly put his foot down, feeling slightly ridiculous for acting like a horse. Mikey always got his feed first, even over the big horses, because he was the squeakiest wheel in the yard…..and as you know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! One morning, when I happened to be down at the barn meeting Cheryl, Mikey wasn’t first up to be fed. In fact, he didn’t show up at all. We called him. We searched for him. There was no Mikey in sight. Much later he showed up, and he didn’t seem 100% Mikey. Cheryl called the vet out immediately, and found out that Mikey was suffering from kidney disease, something that can happen in pigmy sized animals. She held him, she loved him, and she stayed with him until there wasn’t any hope left for his survival. I’ve seen Cheryl look tired before from tending to all of her rescued animals, but this was a different kind of tired look. She was broken, sad, and defeated. She had to be reminded that Mikey loved his life. He bonded with Clover and they were inseparable. He certainly ate good everyday – and first! He was truly happy in her care. The only thing that might have been confusing for him is that he began to think he was a horse, a horse – of course, of course! So in memory of a beautiful little goat named Mikey, who brought all of us in Scotland’s Cove Country Store a whole lot of joy….Rest in Peace Mikey. Rest in Peace.

Coming home!
Begging Cheryl to take him!

After sleeping under the hay bail.
First for food!
Mikey and his girl!
Mikey “Low Rider” and Jet trotting around the field together!

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