The “Grassroots” focus

This pandemic is scary, it’s created uncertainty financially for many while it’s created medical challenges for others. Everyone’s life is impacted. So what have we viewed, out of this pandemic, that is actually a positive change? A focus towards grassroots businesses such as butchers, bakers, fish mongers, pound shoppes offering essential everyday items, and other small specialty businesses have survived, and some have even flourished. Scotland’s Cove Country Store is truly a grassroots shoppe and every single customer greatly matters. We appreciate your loyalty, your business, your well wishes, and your daily pop ins for the essentials.

We are now welcoming Creation Station into our shoppe to promote global arts and crafts for sale, made by survivors of natural disasters, war and human trafficking. The station will eventually offer small social distancing hands-on art courses for 3-4 people to paint, bead, craft, and sculpt pottery, etc. We’ll be reaching out to the amazing artisans of Rosneath Peninsula to support the station by offering to demonstrate, teach or just participate in hands-on craft making. Make your very own pottery, jewellery, sea glass mosaics, dolls, or simply a painted pet rock. It’s your choice! So watch for our class’ schedule. In the meantime, consider making it your mission to support as many small shoppes, Mum and Pop businesses and grassroots organisations so that they can survive, and possibly even prosper. Peace & wellness!

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