It’s All About Balance

While Action Jackson our Spokesdog is on the mend, and meds to keep him from playing too much while healing, we watched two astronauts almost go too space the other day via YouTube live updates! The launch of the SpaceX Falcon rocket ended up being delayed due to bad weather in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but hopefully we’ll get to see them take off today on a safe journey to International Space Station!

Technology allows for so many amazing things……like those of us in Scotland watching a Kennedy Space Center launch from our outdoor deck while enjoying the nice breeze from the Loch. At Scotland’s Cove Country Store we value life’s simple pleasures too that don’t involve any technology at all. We feel great on the days we pick up all the fresh market vegetables and fruits, and the fresh cuts of meat from Callaghan’s in Helensburgh. We also love to replenish the homemade jams from Peninsula Patisserie Pantry, and display our newly planted baskets.

Let’s hope today brings a successful launch of two brave astronauts, nice warm breezy weather on Loch Long, delicious fresh baked rolls from the Dunoon bakery, and happy children popping in for iced lollies while enjoying a sunny afternoon! Relish life’s simple pleasures while you enjoy the worlds amazing technologies….it’s all about balance!

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