Do Tell if You Aren’t Well

Our rambunctious little Spokesdog Action Jackson has been a bit sore and unwell lately, due to an injury from playing way too hard. He’s looked after by a great veterinarian, but he didn’t seem to know how to tell anyone he was hurting. Jackson always puts on a happy face and welcomes everyone with a playful attitude.

Jackson is on the mend and thanks his vet!

If you’re going through a difficult time mentally or physically, please reach out to a friend or loving family member and let them know. They’ll support you, they’ll listen, and they’ll help as they’re able to help. Tell your doctor, don’t avoid the NHS…yes they’re working hard right now but they still care deeply that their patients are all being looked after properly.

Several of Jackson’s pet friends worldwide got wind and each had this to say:

Bonnie, “Jackson, let me know if you need a fresh mouse to heal. I catch at least one daily, but instead of leaving it on my owner’s doorstep, I’ll get it to you. Do dogs like mice as much as cats do?”

Neville: “Jackson, I have crazy hair like you do! Maybe you just need a shave to feel better like I just got for the summer!”

Hamish the Coo: “I was really moo-ved when I heard you were a bit unwell man. If you need to get in a better moo-d, I’ll trot on down to your farm and show you how to jump over the moo-n!”

Snowball: “Hi Jackson…get well so you can be my Valentine! I’m single, love to give ear licks, don’t mind sharing my food bowl, am happy just running around the garden on a date, and enjoy barking! Ready to share my dog treats with you!”

Mikey: “Jackson, you need to start thinking like a goat. We jump around a lot and act crazy too, but we do it with a little flare and don’t get injured. I’ll teach you how to be more goaty!”

Albus: “Jackson, take it from me, cat is where it’s at! Don’t listen to that crazy goat. Cats ALWAYS land on their feet. Why look at me right now, I’m on a 7 foot cat tower! I’m badass!”

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