City or Country?

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, several of our local residents have ended up remaining in the countryside instead of traveling to their work in a major city. Many people are now working from home when before they spent time in cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Manchester.

Many city workers are now working from home, and their diets have changed. We aim to keep them healthy while they telework!

Scotland’s Cove Country Store is pleased to be able to provide these locals with fresh fruits and vegetables from the Glasgow market, fine quality meats from Callaghan of Helensburgh, fresh eggs from Townhead Farm in Helensburgh, several fully prepared and flash frozen delights from the likes of The Highland Cookhouse and others, plus a variety of delicious fish filets from Inverawe Scottish Oak Smokehouse.

Trout, Salmon and Mackerel, plus pates!

While you’re working hard from home, feel free to stop by or phone and place a personal order if you don’t have time for a full shop, which can takes hours these days. There’s no extra charge. So while you’re away from the bright lights, the busy streets, and the traffic jams, enjoy our great outdoors through your daily exercise, and enjoy some of the freshest produce you’ll find!

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