Sew Grateful Would Be Sooooo Grateful for Your Donation!

With the shortage of PPE in the U.K., Carol Anne Calder along with several others in the Argyll Bute area and Glasgow have teamed up to sew their way to putting a huge dent in the present shortage.

What happens when a small group of novice and professional seamstresses team up to sew gowns, masks, and laundry/scrub bags for health care personnel? They turn out over 1000 pieces of essential PPE in just one month. Volunteers have also pitched in to assemble face shields, which first began their manufacture at East Lomond School.

Check out these fancy face masks which can be picked up at Scotland’s Cove Country Store free of charge! There’s masks for men, women and children.
The gowns have been completed and washed again…next ironing!

Now they need your help with donations of viable poly-cotton or cotton fabrics, your nimble fingers if you prefer to sew, or simply a monetary donation to help with the purchase of necessary items to keep this team on a roll! You can drop off fabric to Scotland’s Cove Country Store at 1 Clifton Place along Shore Road in Cove on the Rosneath Peninsula. Cheryl, Chrissy or Corine will be happy to see you!

The gowns with their matching scrub bags are even arguably fashionable!

If you’re a health care professional and would like to request some of these handy PPE items for your team, you can message Carol Anne Calder or Jake Pazio via FaceBook Messenger. To make a donation on GoFundMe, go to:

The group has been actively providing PPE to medical providers and care homes throughout Scotland, where the shortages are proving most needed at this point. They already have a backlog of orders as well.

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