Ousted to the Back Garden

Action Jackson the Terrier-ist and his pal Sammy have been sequestered to the back garden after carrying on like wild men when exhausted Cheryl finally got home after a day of special food orders for her customers, vegetable market and butcher pick ups and inventory stocking at Scotland’s Cove Country Store! Don’t worry, they’ll get back in for dinner!

While many owners are driving their dogs and cats crazy being around much more than usual, these two have finally driven Cheryl bonkers after another long day at her shop. Scotland’s Cove Country Store is essential for locals who are doing their best to self isolate, limit trips to larger more populated grocery stores, or stay at home due to the risk associated with underlying health conditions.

If you have specific food or general grocery needs, or if you tend to shop on a daily basis, the country store is a perfect alternative to one of the large stores, which often require long waits in a cue even to enter. Cheryl is more than happy to special order anything for you at no additional cost. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh butcher selections, fresh farm eggs, organic choices galore, and most common daily products are all obtainable. Plus, the shop still offers an array of gifts and gourmet items for a special occasion. Here’s to a safe and happy next few weeks during the lockdown from all of our staff!

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