Lockdown is a Dream for Action Jackson

Our spokesdog Jackson would have reached out earlier to you, but he’s really gotten into the whole “don’t work” and “stay at home” rules.

As long as there’s furry blankets and pillows, Jackson is quite content!

We thought it was time to ask Jackson for a little advice, so he rose just long enough from his cosy spot to say this:

He says he loves you, and cares deeply about you, and wants you to stay safe and sound and well. He worries a bit about you, so he wants to make sure you know his thoughts. Come by Scotland’s Cove Country Store or call us if you need something – we are open and can accommodate you. We just ask for just a bit of social distancing so that we can continue to serve you during these times. In the meantime, for as long as this crisis lasts, Jackson suggests you play lots of games with your family, just like him.

Go ahead and get outdoors to walk his kind, to see nature’s beauty and to exercise – Jackson says it’s so healthy to burn off stress at this time.

And then relax and enjoy a good meal with family, cuddle up to watch the telly or just to dream. Eat, play, sleep, dream, repeat! Jackson’s advice.
Scotland’s Cove Country Store staff are all praying for your wellness!
Jackson and Sammy retire for the evening!

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