Cove Country Store Staff Become Baristas!

Jackson, the Cove Country Store spokesman wants to remind you that while the weather might have turned cold and windy……

the Country Store has become warm and inviting with seating, an array of fabulous gifts and gourmet food selections….

An array of amazing smelling candles, made in Scotland, fresh soaps in a variety of scents, and plenty of organic hand creams and body lotions…..all which make wonderful unique Christmas gifts!

and best of all, fresh cream-topped hot liquid chocolate (no cheap powders), yummy caramel lattes, and even fresh aromatic brewed American-style coffees and classic cappuccinos!

So, come in out of the cold, rain and wind, get your Christmas shopping done, and enjoy a relaxing drink and friendly conversation.

Gus and Chrissy always have a smile and a kind word for you! It’s enough to warm your heart throughout the harsh Scottish winter!

Gus is barista-ing away at Cove Country Store, and his hot liquid chocolates with fresh cream are delectable!
But what about doggie and kitty-chinos asks Jackson’s friend Bonnie cat!

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