Our Little Shop Brags About A Huge “Bronze Age” Discovery

It’s not every day we can brag about one of the largest “Bronze Age” burial site discoveries ever made in Scotland. Our good friend Archaeologist Tam Ward has unearthed over six ancient burial sites at Portkil Bay. Cove Country Store is proud to share the brilliant work of the North Clyde Archeological Association and Archeologist Tam Ward. You are welcome to pay a visit to Portkil Road to visit the unearthed burial sites out in the field beyond the fence, on the high end of the road, or right here to our shop to discover the amazing Victorian Ovens found behind the shop. All these finds are being preserved as part of the amazing history that exists beneath our feet and all around us.

Tam shares details of his findings with onlookers. If you visit one of the many sites, you might even meet Tam personally while he’s working.

From Helensburgh, take the road towards Faslane Naval Base and continue onto the peninsula to Shore Road. Take a left and follow it for 8-10 miles to Kilcreggan, where you’ll take a sharp left turn onto Portkil Road, just before the main village. You’ll see the Kilcreggan Surgery Centre off to your left. Continue past it on the single lane road approximately one mile until you reach Portkil Bay, close to the ensign motifs.

Tam, along with partners from the North Clyde Archeological Association has been working at the Portkil Bay site for several years now. It continues to provide interesting artefacts from its caves to the grounds themselves.

(For more information call Cove Country Store at tel:+44(0)1436842694 if out of the UK, or 01436 842 694 within the UK. We look forward to hearing from you.

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